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What is the Role of Property Agents in the UK’s Property Market?

property agents
Written by bullish buys

What do property agents do? 

How can they help in finding the right deal?

If you have come here, then we are sure these are questions pondering your mind. Well, we have explained all this and more, just bear with us till the end.

Real estate agents or property agents are people who facilitate the movement of properties in the market. Their roles don’t end here. From advertising to negotiation, a lot is going on a property agents’ plate. 

In this article, we at Bullishbuys will discuss how property agents can help you sell or buy a property and also some valuable tips you must keep in your mind while choosing them.

How can property agents help you find your best deal in the UK’s property market?

Real estate is a tricky business. We will tell you how a real estate agent can be your ally when buying or selling a property.

  • For selling a property- How can a property agent help?

Property agents have a thorough knowledge of the entire property market. Hence, while setting a value for your property, they will use their valuation expertise and put the best price for it.  

Nextly, property agents will use custom marketing strategies to attract the best prospects to your property. They will also arrange and conduct viewings with as many potential buyers as they can. Not only this, but they will also vet the potential buyers and negotiate for the best price.

Property agents have great experience in managing all the required paperwork for closing a deal. In other words, employing the services of a property agent will take those tedious tasks involved in selling a property off your shoulders. Does it make sense?

  • For buying a property- How can a property agent help?

In this vast UK property market, finding a property that suits your requirements is not easy. A property agent will help you break a deal quicker and easier. They will understand your needs and specifications, shortlist a few properties and arrange viewings. Your property agent will help you create an initial offer based on their market experience. 

Lastly, they will deal with all the paperwork and other admin linked with the purchase and transaction process. In a nutshell, from shortlisting properties till you get the possession, they will help you ease the process of buying a property.

Save Time and Energy with their extensive market know-how

For property investors who are looking for attractive buy-to-let properties, agents can be of much help. They will vet all the ideal properties ensuring there are no loopholes. Property agents will also get you information such as the rental yield, which is crucial for analyzing your real estate investment. Moreover, you can also check a property’s rental income using our rental yield calculator here. 

Your agent will ensure that the property investments you make are certainly in the right places.

Tips while choosing property agents:

  • Check references from other home or property owners.
  • Check their online presence; website, social media etc.
  • Ask for references and call them.
  • Choose an agent who knows your preferred location well.
  • Interview at least 5 to 6 of them before finalising one.
  • Be clear about your needs and make sure to ask the right questions while interviewing.
  • Ask about their marketing plan, mode of communication, the amount of commission, etc.
  • Experience is important but so is chemistry. Choose an agent who can communicate and is relatable and real. 

We hope the above-given information has helped you clear the fog around “Should I hire a property agent?” We know that real estate investment is a huge decision in your life. Make it less tedious and frustrating by working along with property agents. 

So, have you hired a property agent? We would love to hear about your experiences.

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