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Rental yield is the annual rental income earned or expected to earn as the return of investment on a property. It is expressed as the percentage of the property value you invested or are expecting to invest. Knowing the rental yield tells the property investors if their investment is or will be a good decision or not. It exactly represents the measure of their investment. A good rental yield is considered to be around 4%. Rental yield is considered to be one of the property buying decision factors for investors as they can compare the properties and shortlist the ones with better potential.

How is the Rental Yield Calculated?

There is a simple formula that is employed to calculator rental yield of a property:

Rental yield = (Monthly rental income x 12) ÷ Property value * 100

The formula is as straightforward as it looks. Multiply your monthly rental income or expected monthly rental income by 12 and divide the total amount by the property value to get your rental yield.

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What is Rental Yield Benchmarking?

You have calculated your rental yield now what? Bullishbuys takes a sample of thousands of properties in your postcode and calculates the average rental yield for all the properties in the postcode by bedroom and property type. This benchmarking gives you insights on the rental yield of your post code based on which you can increase or decrease your rent to get easy tenets and maximize your returns.

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Note: The figures obtained using this free rental yield calculator UK are purely based on the values entered.