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Property Investment: Which Country Invests the Most in the UK?

Written by karthika


The year went by and it was tough for everyone. Nothing was different when it came to real estate values. The UK property market was shaken to its core in the year 2020 due to the corona virus pandemic. But luckily when the lockdown was lifted, we again saw a ray of hope as the property prices started to rise and the demands began to increase. 



Well not just now, but the UK has been one of the immensely desired places in the world that attracts property investors from across the world. Foreign investment is an important element of the UK government’s economic and growth programme.



Evidently, pandemic or Brexit, nothing could affect the property investment opportunities in the UK. It’s still managing to sustain the interest of global investors.



But, one may wonder:

What makes property investment in the UK look appealing to foreign investors?

Which countries invest in the UK properties? 



Be sure to read all this and more in this perfectly curated article.



What attracts global investors to UK properties?

Did you know that the overseas landlords investing in UK properties have risen to 19%? Globally, the UK stands 4th place in terms of property investment value. 

Experts suggest a myriad of reasons for this unfailing interest the global investors hold. The stable and transparent political landscape is one of them. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and Brexit with a not-so-drastic dip, the market value remained as high as 8.5% and even more. Hence, the UK economy is considered to be safer as it suffers little from the political and economic drifts, letting investors to plough their money here.


Another reason is the growth of the UK’s rental market. The average rent in the UK has gone up by 2.9 % and is around £996 now. This holds to entice the foreign investors into the buy to let sector as they receive handsome property investment yields.


The prices of properties have broken glass ceiling drawing both the UK and Non-UK investors alike. The price rise is attributed to the increase in demand due to an ever-growing population.


Which major cities in the UK attract the lion’s share of foreign investment?

  • City of Westminster

  • Kensington and Chelsea 

  • Camden

  • Tower Hamlets 

  • Lambeth 

  • Manchester 

  • Liverpool

  • Hammersmith and Fulham

  • City of London 

  • Southwark 

This is the list of top cities that are highly invested by investors from around the world. England and Wales receive the maximum investment for global property investors.



Which countries invest the most in the UK?

  • The British Virgin Islands

  • Jersey 

  • Guernsey 

  • Isle of Man 

  • Luxembourg 

  • Gibraltar 

  • Singapore 

  • Hong Kong 

  • Ireland 

  • Netherlands 

Most of these countries are the wealthiest in the world such as Singapore and Luxembourg. Others have a British connection such as the UK overseas and dependent territories, commonwealth members, etc. Property investment from Hong Kong has increased due to British citizenship offering visas. Netherland investors are lured in by the good and efficient transport links between the two countries.


So, if you are a foreign investor looking for any buy to sell or buy to let properties, then this is probably the right time. As the average price of properties in the UK rises to 7.6% every year. Property investment opportunities in the UK are certainly limitless for a solid-long term return on your investment.

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